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Kaila Stewart||7th Year||Hufflepuff||Pureblood||Lily Loveless||OPEN
                  “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.”

     Kaila is a girl who makes the professors cringe at the mention of her. She’s an obnoxious girl who hates to be belittled no matter how confident she pretends to be. Growing up in a family who was always too arrogant for their own good, she certainly got that gene, unaware of the insecurities that came along with it. She’s found herself sticking close to Aliona, the only girl who seems to be able to put up with how rude she can be. However, there is a reason she was sorted into Hufflepuff. Kaila has a nice side, it just seems buried far to deep to reach, and she’s far too afraid of getting hurt to let it show to just anyone. 

Doesn’t like to get into trouble voluntarily but does anyways

Thinks having an attitude will keep people from stepping on her

Secretly wants more friends

Parents: Louis and Nani Stewart

Siblings: Caroline Stewart

Close friends: Aliona Hart, Alik Hullop, Dominique Weasley

Karol Flynt||7th Year||Gryffindor||Pureblood||Troian Bellisario||OPEN
         ”You know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery.”

  Of the Flynts, no one thought one would end up in Gryffindor. In truth, Karol is far from adventurous and outgoing. She does have a good heart and good intentions, and a strong head on her shoulders that’s plenty stubborn enough to get exactly what she wants. Just because she seems a bit guarded doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to become her friend, as you’ll like who you find under her walls. Karol enjoys a good laugh just like everyone else, but she isn’t very fond of James and his friends. She’s been trying to get Alik to stop obsessing over him since it all started, to no avail. She thinks they’re ridiculous, rude boys and wants nothing to do with them, finding herself dragged further and further into their messes by Alik. 

  • Can seem like a buzzkill
  • Would rather read than keep Alik out of trouble
  • Has been forming a crush on Mathius but doesn’t want to admit it
  • Parents: Nathaniel and Mickayla Flynt
  • Siblings: Noah Flynt
  • Close friends: Alik Hullop, Trinity Opal, and Roxanne Weasley
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Noah Flynt||6th Year||Ravenclaw||Pureblood||Tyler Posey||OPEN
                             ”Look, let’s not have issues.”

Noah is more like his father than anything. He’s loud, opinionated, and doesn’t care if someone wants to pick a fight with him. Noah knows what he wants and while he lacks the ambition to get it, he knows how to manipulate other people into doing what he says. Smooth and sweet, he’ll find your buttons and push them this way and that, either to get on your good side or just rile you up a bit, he doesn’t care. He likes to play with minds, and some people aren’t very sure if he’s all there himself. They blame the Simmons boy that he’s always hanging around, not really caring if its true or not. 

  • Can be rude sometimes and polite others
  • Very arrogant
  • Isn’t very interested in Quidditch, but will join in on occassion
  • Parents: Nathaniel and Mickayla Flynt
  • Siblings: Karol Flynt
  • Close friends: Robert Simmons, Jared Nott, and Nicholas Zabini
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Rebecca Falda|5th Year|Gryffindor|Muggleborn|AnnaSophia Robb|OPEN

                                  “This is so exciting!”

 Rebecca does not know how to keep her mouth shut. She’s always talking away as much as she possibly can to anyone and everyone who will listen to her as long as she feels she’s being paid attention to. Now, growing up in an orphanage left Rebecca feeling more alone than most attention hungry 15 year olds and she’ll do whatever it takes to feel loved. Its easy to find her clingy, hard for her to make friends, and even more difficult to just shut up. Rebecca’s a nice girl, and if she knew how to stay out of other people’s business and keep her mouth closed, she would probably have a lot more friends. No one has had the heart to tell her, just yet. 

  • Quick to tears
  • Loves gossiping and trails after Alik and Karol a lot
  • Has difficulty boosting her confidence even when she acts otherwise
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Close friends: 
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Christina Zabini||7th Year||Ravenclaw||Pureblood||Zoe Saldana||OPEN
                            “If it isn’t for me, I don’t want it.”

     Being the eldest Zabini, Christina has grown up with an air of authority, not sure why other people call her arrogant and rude. Not that she really cares, of course, in her head she’s better than all of them, never listening to opinions if their contradict or go against her own. She loves to be right, and she’s very smart which seems to just make her ego even worse. Not to mention she’s beautiful, and has a lot of the boys chasing on her tail. She gets bored easily, and will wave you away if you’re not interesting her in any way, which makes a lot of people even more irritated with her. Not that she’s ever taken notice. In her eyes, she can do no wrong, which makes confrontations about five times as frustrating. 

  • Doesn’t care if she acts rude
  • Can be extremely pompous and arrogant
  • Is allergic to cats
  • Parents: Blaise and Ferrah Zabini
  • Siblings: Nicholas Zabini
  • Close friends: 
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Nicholas Zabini||6th Year||Slytherin||Pureblood||Dev Patel||OPEN
                      “It’s almost funny. Almost.”

 Nicholas is constantly annoyed with her sister and her attitude. He just happens to be one of the people she pays no attention to. Nicholas is nice enough for a Slytherin, but he’s certainly not cuddly in any means, and he won’t go completely out of his way to help you if it won’t have any benefit for him in the end. Nicholas doesn’t have much interest for ruling and conquering and while he has grown to be Noah and Robert’s friend, he doesn’t care for bullying or anything of the sort. He keeps one eye open for himself and no one else, and while people think him selfish, there are some people he would go out on a limb for with no problem at all. Nicholas can be stubborn, and when he doesn’t want to do something, it stays that way. 

  • Can be nice at times
  • Has a lot of connections
  • Can be charming when he wants
  • Parents: Blaise and Ferrah Zabini
  • Siblings: Christina Zabini
  • Close friends: Noah Flynt, Robert Simmons, and Cordelia Scamander
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Venus Limmer||6th Year||Hufflepuff||Muggleborn||Pixie Lott||OPEN
        “Sometimes people find that it’s just so hard to say goodbye.”

When you look at Venus, you might think she’s an idiot. She wears a lot of makeup, sings to herself, and dances through the halls. In truth, she just has a better outlook than everyone else does. She’d rather be happy and carefree instead of moping around like she views everyone else goes around in school. Most times when she tries to share her optimism, she gets snapped at. She doesn’t seem to realize how annoying she comes across most times. Its why people think she’s stupid, she never puts her common sense to good use. The only time she actually shows that she can be smart is when she opens up a book. 

  • Optimistic to the point of being obnoxious
  • Very booksmart but completely lacks common sense
  • Has a few friends, but none of them are sure what to really think of her
  • Parents: Jacob and Hilary Limmer
  • Siblings: None
  • Close friends: Grace Longbottom and Aliona Hart
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Damien Bruch||6th Year||Gryffindor||Halfblood||Jamie Campbell Bower||OPEN

                               ”A friend to all is a friend to none.”

Damien grew up knowing next to nothing about the wizarding world, until he met Cordelia Scamander that is. He was eight when he finally introduced himself and the two have been friends ever since. Once he learned what he was, he had to beg his muggle mother to let him accept his letter to Hogwarts. Damien is a smart boy, though he tends to be a little colder than most. He’s got a harsh temper but won’t let anyone get hurt in front of him. Some people say Damien is a massive contradiction, but that’s mostly because almost all of his friends are Slytherins and he still contains the heart of a Gryffindor. All in all, Damien means well. He just has a hell of a time showing it. 

  • Can be cold and mean
  • Has some trust issues
  • Violent way of expressing his anger
  • Parents: Christopher and Olivia Bruch
  • Siblings: None
  • Close friends: Cordelia Scamander, TBD
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Amethyst Finnigan||5th Year||Ravenclaw||Halfblood||Hilary Duff||OPEN
                                “If it sparkles, it’s gold.”

  Amy, not Amethyst. She hates her name, and isn’t exactly fond of her mother giving it to her and not her sister. Still, its hard to picture her as anyone else. Amy tends to be very girly and doesn’t like to get into much trouble. While she can be very smart, she’d rather twirl her hair and giggle around  the guys than put her brain to work. Its why sometimes people find it hard to believe she has a twin who has the exact opposite of mentalities. Amy likes to be with her sister, but there are times when the two disagree so much that they have to stay away from each other. This seperation with her sister causes Amy to feel abandoned and then she goes and tries to get more attention elsewhere. 

  • Favorite class is Charms
  • Likes to flirt
  • Easy to get along with on most days
  • Parents: Seamus and Lavender Finnigan
  • Siblings: Sam and Addison Finnigan
  • Close Friends: Grace Longbottom, Gina Hullop, and Rose Weasley