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Amethyst Finnigan||5th Year||Ravenclaw||Halfblood||Hilary Duff||OPEN
                                “If it sparkles, it’s gold.”

  Amy, not Amethyst. She hates her name, and isn’t exactly fond of her mother giving it to her and not her sister. Still, its hard to picture her as anyone else. Amy tends to be very girly and doesn’t like to get into much trouble. While she can be very smart, she’d rather twirl her hair and giggle around  the guys than put her brain to work. Its why sometimes people find it hard to believe she has a twin who has the exact opposite of mentalities. Amy likes to be with her sister, but there are times when the two disagree so much that they have to stay away from each other. This seperation with her sister causes Amy to feel abandoned and then she goes and tries to get more attention elsewhere. 

  • Favorite class is Charms
  • Likes to flirt
  • Easy to get along with on most days
  • Parents: Seamus and Lavender Finnigan
  • Siblings: Sam and Addison Finnigan
  • Close Friends: Grace Longbottom, Gina Hullop, and Rose Weasley
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