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Rebecca Falda|5th Year|Gryffindor|Muggleborn|AnnaSophia Robb|OPEN

                                  “This is so exciting!”

 Rebecca does not know how to keep her mouth shut. She’s always talking away as much as she possibly can to anyone and everyone who will listen to her as long as she feels she’s being paid attention to. Now, growing up in an orphanage left Rebecca feeling more alone than most attention hungry 15 year olds and she’ll do whatever it takes to feel loved. Its easy to find her clingy, hard for her to make friends, and even more difficult to just shut up. Rebecca’s a nice girl, and if she knew how to stay out of other people’s business and keep her mouth closed, she would probably have a lot more friends. No one has had the heart to tell her, just yet. 

  • Quick to tears
  • Loves gossiping and trails after Alik and Karol a lot
  • Has difficulty boosting her confidence even when she acts otherwise
  • Parents: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Close friends: 
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